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  • DeFiato created an article,

    How to deposit Fiat?

    There are 2 steps: * Step1: 1. Go to and create an account by filling in all the required information.  2. Log in. 3. Go to Deposit -> Choose Fiat Deposit. 4. You are required to compl...

  • DeFiato created an article,

    How can I check the reward of staking?

    The reward of staking will be distributed to your wallet balance. Please login to your account and check your wallet balance. For the histories of distribution, please go to Wallet -> View History ...

  • DeFiato created an article,

    When will the rewards be distributed after unstaking?

    On the DeFiato platform, there is a Cool Down Period of 7 days after you unstake. For example, if you unstaked on Day 1 at 12 noon, there will be expected to receive your DFIAT back on Day 7 at 12 ...

  • DeFiato created an article,

    How to unstake DFIAT?

    Step 1: Log into your account. Step 2: Go to Wallet and select Stake on the left-hand side of the menu to check your orders.  Step 3: Choose the transaction that you need to unstake and then click ...

  • DeFiato created an article,

    How to stake DFIAT?

    Step 1: Log into your account. Step 2: On your top menu, click "Stake". Then choose DFIAT Pool to stake. Step 3: Please input the amount and then click STAKE. Note: Minimum amount to stake is 500...

  • DeFiato created an article,

    How to bridge tokens?

    There are 2 options:    Option 1: Transfer ERC20 tokens to other network. Step 1: Deposit coins/tokens that you want to convert to DeFiato. Step 2: Click Withdrawal that coin/token and select withd...

  • DeFiato created an article,

    Liquidity Explained

    Liquidity refers to the ease with which an asset can be converted into cash or another asset.  What is liquidity? Liquidity is a measure of the ease at which an asset can be converted to another as...

  • DeFiato created an article,

    What is a liquidity pool?

    Liquidity providers (LPs) supply liquidity pools with funds. A liquidity pool can be thought of as a large sum of money that traders can trade with. LPs earn fees from trades that take place in the...

  • DeFiato created an article,

    What is an Automated Market Maker (AMM)?

    Introduction Ethereum and other smart contract systems, such as Binance Smart Chain, have experienced a surge in interest in decentralized finance (DeFi). Yield farming has become a popular method ...

  • DeFiato created an article,

    Impermanent Loss Explained

    As we know, DeFi protocols like Uniswap, SushiSwap, or PancakeSwap have seen an explosion of volume and liquidity. These liquidity protocols enable essentially anyone with funds to become a market ...